Warmth of the Poikilotherm


Crocodile + Heron (2015)

370 x 300 mm

Giclée prints, limited editions of 50 for the ‘Ecosystem Series’.
On museum grade acid free paper – signed, stamped & numbered.


Most reptiles hold a dismal reputation in the opinion of the public at large. Their cold-blooded ways often invite dread. Even the more informed can end up considering them to be unintelligent beings. Their hard, scaly exterior is often at variance with their true nature. Crocodiles seem to carry the baggage of all the negative implications of the term cold-blooded. In truth, the life and behaviour of the Mugger Crocodile (Crocodylus palsutris) dismantles various misconceptions and myths about reptiles. Not only do Mugger’s build nests and help their hatchlings emerge, but the are fiercely protective parents. Nursery pools are heavily guarded territory, patrolled by adults of both sexes for up to two years after the emergence of the young.

Another interesting strategy of the Mugger Crocodiles was only recently observed. Muggers were seen collecting sticks on their snout and lying partially submerged in water. The sticks served as bait for birds of the wetlands looking for an easy supply of material to construct their nests. In this way, the Muggers displayed an intelligent and conservative hunting tactic. This behaviour displays a level of tool use we thought was restricted to higher mammalian species more like ourselves.

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